Behaving yourself online

"Kids beat each other up in playgrounds and in classrooms. We don't ban schools."

Using social media at school is a controversial topic, and is often seen as dangerous or irrelevant. This video is in response to a Good Morning America story about a principal who encouraged parents to ban their children from using social media.

Lisa Nielson has written a blog post about this principal's stand against young people using social media.
Here's what she says about the principal:

"Even though he recognizes that most students act responsibly online, he allows the bottom 2% of teens who act irresponsibly to dictate the course of action for the rest.'

In Lisa's post, she includes the response to this principal from a 16 year old student:

Parents- just talk to your kids! Family bonds are important, always. If your kids will turn to you when they have trouble with things like cyberbullying and other related activity's, you can help them overcome it. Blood runs thick, keep it that way. Family members support one another, so support your kid. Parents are role models, so don’t keep them away from technology that’s here to stay, learn about it and let them use it positively.

Tom Whitby talks about cyberbullying in the context of general discipline

Here are some resources to help you teach safe and responsible behaviour online:

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