What is a PLN?

A PLN is a Personal Learning Network. Do you need one?

If you appreciate talking to other teachers to gain ideas or information, work through problems, ask advice or for a different perspective, then connecting to these people wherever they are, regardless of geographical location, will expand your horizons.

Building a PLN by connecting with people online is just like networking in person - meet one new person and be introduced to many more.

Through my PLN I've connected with experts all over the world. I can read about what they're doing and thinking in their blogs, and I can talk to them and ask them for help on Twitter.

People to follow if you're a teacher of:



Tony Watt
Karenne Joy Sylvester
Miguel Mendoza
The English teacher online (Aniya)
Sue Lyon-Jones (esolcourses)
Sean Banville
Jason Renshaw (englishraven)
Michael Stout
Shelly Terrell
Larry Ferlazzo
RLiberni's blog
Abroadlanguages blog
ESL lesson plan
The road not taken English teaching
Kalinago English
Burcu Akyol's blog tips and resources from an English teacher
The spelling blog
Russell Stannard ESL/ELT teacher training videos


Vi Hart
Jason Dyer
Kate Nowak
Dan Greene
Jackie Ballarini
Chris Higgins
David Cox


Roger Whaley

People blogging about 21st century teaching:

Peter Pappas