Finding and using images easily and ethically

We all use images to enhance information and when we create something visual. It's important to model and teach the use of excellent image sources which are free and easy to navigate.
It's good practice to know where to access copyright-free images - and there are many excellent sites with shared images under the creative commons licenses, especially when students are creating more multi-media assignments, and working within online platforms such as blogs, wikis, etc.
Here are some of the many sites where you can find free to use images:
Flickr is a free photo sharing site. Check the permissions if you want to use images, or register and upload your own photos. You can search images, create or join groups for specific subjects or themes. Find out more about Flickr on the Flickr page.
Flickr CC is an excellent Australian image tool which searches Creative Commons images from Flickr. You can edit the images on the spot.

Flickr Storm is another way of searching Flickr photos under a Creative Commons license.
Public Domain Images Copyright friendly images for any use, high resolution free images.Tag Galaxy is a fun way of searching Flickr photos and getting help with specific search terms.Simple CC Flickr search is another way of searching for images in Flickr (provides licensing)
Creative Commons Search allows you to choose the type of license you want to search for, and then you can search on Google images, Wikimedia Commons and more. Always check the license before using the image.Wikimedia Commons has over 10 million free-to-use media filesCompfight is a Flickr search tool that makes it easier for you to find CC licensed images on Flickr.Veezle finds high quality images free to useLife Photo Archive The LIFE photo archive is great for finding historic images since it goes back to photos taken in the C18th century.Open Photo allows you to search for free to use, high quality photos in 20 different categories, including animals, places, still life, architecture, texture, and many more.FreePhotoBank is a free stock photo site.Behold allows you to search images which are free to use, and you can specify if you want to be able to modify them or use them commercially. Picture Sandbox searches different image sites, allowing you to click through to choose size and licensing permissions.


photo taken by Oka Budi on H Dragon's Flickr photostream - yes, the scorpion is still alive

What you need for your visual presentations
Free Creative Design Elements have free images providing backgrounds, textures and design ideas in your visual presentations.Grunge Textures Free high resolution texturesFor creative headings and titles, use Spell with Flickr


Big Huge Labs allows you to do cool things with your photos.